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Our Mission

We offer shelter, respect and collaborative solutions to unhoused individuals and families who aspire to return to permanent housing and thrive in their community.

Cross Roads House has been an advocate and a place of refuge for the homeless in the Seacoast community since modern homelessness emerged in our country in the 1980s. When a homeless man died from exposure in the winter of 1982 it ignited a passion in community leaders to make a difference in the lives of those most vulnerable in our community.

As we move forward into the future, we carry that core mission of providing shelter, respect, and collaborative solutions with us while at the same time evolving to meet the needs of an ever-changing demographic and definition of homelessness.

We also carry with us a vision that a thriving community can and should provide a place for everyone.

Every day, our work is guided by a set of values that underpin the foundation of our original mission.


Humans need shelter to thrive. Without it, we become destabilized and vulnerable. We provide physical and emotional safety at CRH, and tirelessly advocate for solutions that work for everyone.


Respect and dignity belong to everyone in our community. Everyone has a story, and everyone is a human being. Some are struggling more than others so we help lift those who are most vulnerable with patience and kindness.


We understand and value that we are interconnected to the larger community around us. Through collaboration, we imagine and construct new directions for breaking the cycle of homelessness. These partnerships are the fundamental building blocks to our shared success.


Everyone here provides value to our mission and has an essential role to play. We demonstrate a commitment to our organization, our residents and our shared space. We communicate honestly and openly about our goals and afford one another the opportunity to learn with and from each other whenever possible.


As thought leaders in our space, we look to educate and engage the Seacoast community, our business partners, and local and state officials in order to advocate for short-term and long-term solutions that address homelessness and access to affordable housing.

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